Downtown Newburyport


Valentine’s season is here and with all the love that’s currently in the air, there’s one thing we’re sure about: You should love where you live. And in the North Shore of Massachusetts and the Seacoast of New Hampshire areas, there’s a lot to love. We’ve rounded up our top reasons to love living here, so whether you’re new to the area (or are thinking of moving here!) or have been here for decades, there’s something for everyone.


The Beaches – it goes without saying that one of the top attractions is the impressive shoreline. An oceanfront view will elevate anything, whether it’s patio dining, a workout, or just your evening walk. Salisbury Beach and Hampton Beach in New Hampshire provide the perfect destination for beach days or wintertime walks with your pet. Want to feel like you’re on vacation without leaving the area? Plum Island is the perfect destination, just a short drive away and home to one of the best shorelines and coastal restaurant scenes.


The Terrain – not only is this area home to some of the best beaches in New England, but it’s also where you can easily find your next hiking trail. In Newburyport alone there are 77 trails for you to get outdoors at a moment’s notice, as well as wildlife refuges and parks. Point anywhere on a map in the area, and you’re sure to find enough hiking/biking/scenery destinations for every weekend. While you can hit the trails nearly all year long, leaf-peeping season is sure to inspire a life-long romance with the area.


The Food & Bar Scene – dive bars, elegant restaurants, grab-and-go shacks, breweries

Downtown Newburyport is a mecca for charming seafood restaurants that are perfect for an elegant dinner – such as Brine and Ceia. Looking for something a little more casual? The area is home to countless casual eateries and dive bars – such as local favorite Thirsty Whale in Newburyport and Hoaty’s in Hampton. For quicker options on your way to the beach, there are countless possibilities, such as Farr’s Famous Chicken near Hampton Beach or SurfSide near Salisbury Beach. And if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, head to one of the breweries in the area, such as Amesbury’s Brewery Silvaticus or Newburyport Brewing Company. For a bigger night out, head to one of the music venues in the area, such as Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury. And for the truly remarkable, have dinner in the Newburyport Lighthouse. If you venture north just a few miles, definitely swing through downtown Portsmouth and Exeter for some amazing food and drink destinations.


Seasonal Activities – one of the best attributes of the area is that there’s always something to do all-year-long. There’s Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury for apple-picking and fall festivities that are perfect for the whole family. When the temperatures drop, head over to Amesbury’s Sports Park to pack in some outdoors time during the winter months. Also be sure to keep an eye out for spring festivals and summer parades that pop up every year.


The People – there’s nothing like a New England coastal town to bring the best people together. In an area where small businesses thrive and there are countless family-friendly events all year long, community really is everything. This also includes the history of the area, with historical landmarks – like the Pink House – that have sparked local stories passed down for generations. 


So this Valentine’s Day, just look around to be inspired by the season. With everything that the area has to offer, it’s sure to make you fall in love.