Sean joined our team 17 years ago, as a 21 year old intern in his senior year at Merrimack College. He was eager to learn more about real estate and instantly found his passion. By 2010, he had become a partner at Stone Ridge Properties. Sean wasn’t just a part of this company, over time he helped define who we were, and we are so grateful for that.

Everybody loved Sean, and his “work family” was no exception. We were just lucky enough to be the people who were able to see him most days, be mentored by him, and hear about his adventures with his family and his friends, all of whom he loved so much.

His clients were lucky too -- during Sean’s career he sold over 340 homes but more importantly he developed lasting relationships with his clients. In the end, for Sean, it was always about the people, not the house.

We are filled with grief and heartache that he was taken from us so soon. We will miss his smiles, his hugs, his professionalism and the passion and leadership he brought to our team. We won’t be the same now – but we must go on and honor his legacy by emulating his kind, generous spirit because that is exactly what he would have wanted.

We will miss you so much, Sean,

Your SRP family