National headlines can be a little misleading - especially when it comes to understanding what is going on in our local real estate market. Nationally, we are facing higher interest rates as well as increasing home prices, but our “micro-market” of the greater Newburyport area and Southern New Hampshire has remained strong. This is due largely to the fact that we live in a desirable part of the country and have maintained a strong economy.


There are significant links between a strong job market and a strong real estate market and we are experiencing both here. We also have wonderful communities for home owners of all ages, proximity to cities, mountains and oceans that everyone from millennials to seniors enjoy.


Of course we cannot predict the future of the housing market, but from where we stand right now, the outlook is good for buyers and sellers.

Our strong sales and new-to-market homes speak for themselves - we have new homes hitting the market every day!


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34 Amesbury Ave North, Amesbury 



1 Artichoke Terrace Newburyport


1 Artichoke Terrace, Newburyport 



1 Broad Street Newburyport


1 Broad Street, Newburyport – SOLD